Specialized cleaning

hussein Kadour Ponce



Patented processes in platform cleaning.

Commitment to effective quality


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Who are we?

We are a 100% Mexican company dedicated to innovating technologies and processes for the petroleum industry while caring for the environment through high-quality services.


Translation: Our highly trained and experienced team utilizes specialized techniques and equipment to carry out thorough and efficient cleaning. Waste removal in tanker ships.

Patented processes in tank cleaning Hussein kadour Ponce

We work under international standards

Patented processes in tank cleaning Hussein kadour Ponce

Quality in platform maintenance.

Cleaning of land-based and maritime tanks, oil wells, and others, where we stand out for our commitment. The land-based and maritime tank cleaning services offered by Hussein Kadour Ponce are the ideal solution to ensure efficient and safe storage. Maintenance of structures and platforms. Our approach focuses on keeping the tanks in optimal conditions, strictly adhering to established quality standards.

Patented processes in tank cleaning Hussein kadour Ponce

The best technology in cleaning.

We ensure that all our procedures comply with industry regulations and standards. Additionally, we use environmentally-friendly products and techniques, minimizing the environmental impact during our operations in ship tank hygiene.


Our mission at OITECH S. DE R.L. DE C.V./OILTECH is to provide the highest quality cleaning services for both land-based and maritime tanks. We utilize advanced technologies to offer efficient and long-lasting solutions in the field of nitrogen tank cleaning. However, we are committed to promoting sustainable development by rigorously adhering to high standards of health, safety, and environmental protection in all our operations. Our services not only ensure tank efficiency and durability, but also contribute to environmental preservation and risk prevention. SEO, but, because, certainly, also, equally


Our vision at OITECH S. DE R.L. DE C.V./OILTECH is to be leaders in the cleaning of land-based and maritime tanks. SEO. Finally, we aim to provide quality solutions while caring for the environment and embracing our social responsibility. Identically, we drive innovation and sustainability through the use of advanced technologies. Because, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, employees, community, and shareholders. But, we also strive for excellence and continuous improvement. Additionally, we adopt business practices that promote sustainable development. Finally, our aim is to generate a positive impact in all our operations.